Multiversial Rock n Roll !

"If you tried to give rock and roll another name, you might call it 'Chuck Berry'.'"
- John Lennon.

"Rock 'n' roll is a participatory sport. It ain't passive. It ain't TV. Go out there and rock 'n' roll and dance and have fun."
- Steven Van Zandt.

"Good music comes out of people playing together, knowing what they want to do and going for it."
- Keith Richards.


Upcoming gigs...

Feb 24th, Saturday, 7pm - St Paul’s Parish Church Hall, Blackpits Rd, Norden. Tickets £10 on the door.15th March,Friday, 1pm. Wythenshawe Hospital.25 August, Sunday, 4pm. Heap Bridge Social Club, Waterfold Lane, Bury BL9 7JY.

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IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF....FUN, PLAY ON!Five guys, all certainly old enough to know better, decided one day that what the world really needed was another rock band and that they were the very chaps to satisfy that need. Four of them already possessed scars from their membership of previous bands, some going back as far as the heady days of the '60s when musical ensembles were called 'groups'. And of course, as they'd tell you themselves, the older they get, the better they were! It's no exaggeration to say that, between them, they must have close on a hundred years of playing experience behind them.So what do they have to offer? The answer is simple and, in a word, it's FUN, that's their sole motive and the driver that brought them all together, to play songs they love from throughout the decades - a love they hope their audiences will also share and suspend the cares of the world for a couple of hours, take time out for a singalong, a bop, and just relax to their live music. They are no prima donnas, they know a good tune when they hear one, and it's clear from their stage performance that they want their audiences to enjoy themselves, from that first drum crack, first guitar chord, and singer's note reaching out to everyone!So come on, a word to the wise, wrap BandAge around you and let the fun begin!




guitarist, backing vocals & occasional singer


guitarist, singer & backing vocals


frontman, main singer, & tambourine


bass, backing vocals & occasional singer


......the 5 guys who ARE BandAge! In alphabetical order, they are:-

JAMES BANDAGE, guitarist, backing vocals & occasional singer.
MALC BANDAGE, guitarist, singer & backing vocals
MARTIN BANDAGE, frontman, main singer, & tambourine
PAUL BANDAGE, bass, backing vocals & occasional singer.
And because it's music that has brought them together, let's find out a bit about their own musical tastes, influences & record collections:-So, guys, to kick it off, what was the first-ever single you bought, and in what year?Garry: Telstar by The Tornados, 1963.
James: Blockbuster by The Sweet, 1973.
Malc: Love Me Do by The Beatles, 1962.
Martin: Back Home by the England World Cup Squad, 1970.
Paul: Diana by Paul Anka (on brittle shellac, 78rpm!) 1957.
1st-ever album, and in what year?G: Revolver by The Beatles, 1965.
J: Elvis Presley 40 Greatest Hits, 1975.
Ml: Please Please Me by The Beatles, 1963.
Mr: Electric Warrior by T. Rex, 1971.
P: Buddy Holly, 1958. (Pre-Beatles era!)
Your favourite album?G: Abbey Road by The Beatles.
J: Made In Japan by Deep Purple.
Ml: Reckless by Brian Adams.
Mr: A Night At The Opera by Queen.
P.: Freak Out by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - only kidding, it's Revolver by The Beatles.
Most favourite track on that album?G: Here Comes The Sun.
J: Lazy.
Ml: Summer of 69.
Mr: Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon.
P. Tomorrow Never Knows.
Most favourite band - and why?G: Have a guess! They turned me on!
J. Deep Purple. Fantastic musicianship fused with rock n roll energy.
Ml: The Searchers. I loved all the 'Mersey Sound' 'melodic pop era'.
Mr: Queen. They attempted everything & anything. I've been a fan for nearly 50 years.
P. Has to be The Beatles by a country mile. Saw them at the original Cavern before they broke outside Liverpool & set about conquering the world!
Most favourite solo artist - and why?G: Wonder - sheer musicality.
J. Elvis - greatest singing voice ever.
Ml: Bryan Adams - the 80s 'melodic rock' era.
Mr: Bowie - many great songs; amazing stage persona.
P. Joe Bonamassa - I mean, have you heard him play blues rock?!
What's your favourite type of music?G: Any that moves me.
J: Classic rock.
Ml: 'Melodic rock' & 'New Country Rock' music.
Mr: Don't pigeonhole me Maan!!!
P. Blues, Blues Rock, R&B, Rock'n'Roll.
What 8 records would you take onto that Desert Island?James:
Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin.
Suspicious Minds - Elvis.
Gates of Babylon - Rainbow.
S.O.S. - ABBA.
Something - George Harrison.
Small Town Boy - Bronski Beat.
Everybody Needs Somebody - Blues Brothers.
Jesus Christ Superstar.
The Final Countdown - Europe.
Jump - Van Halen.
Summer of '69 - Bryan Adams.
Living On A Prayer - Bon Jovi.
Endless Summer Nights - Richard Marx.
Don't Turn Around - The Merseybeats.
Beer Money - Kip Moore.
'Til Nothing Comes Between Us - John Michael Montgomery.
Starman - Bowie.
Dead On Time - Queen.
Action - Sweet.
Tiger Feet - Mud.
More Than A Feeling - Boston.
1053 Overture - ELO
Make Me Know It - Elvis.
Hello Goodbye - Beatles.
Forty-five Hundred Times by the Quo.
Go Your Own Way (1997 Live version) by Fleetwood Mac.
The Intro & The Outro by Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.
Mama Don't by JJ Cale.
Sloe Gin by Joe Bonamassa.
Johnny B Goode by Charles Edward Anderson Berry.
Sound of Silence by Disturbed.
Tomorrow Never Knows, can't remember who by.
And which one of those 8 would you save from the waves?J: Suspicious Minds - greatest song ever by the Greatest.
Ml: The Final Countdown - the intro makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck!!
Mr: Dead On Time - I was lucky enough to listen to the track with a select group of fans many months before the release date.
P: Has to be the Beatles'!
Finally, is there a record that never fails to give you goosebumps when you listen to it, and so much so that you would want to actively share and encourage others to listen to it?J: Nessun Dorma.
Ml: Jump by Van Halen.
Mr: I Fell Out Of Love With Rock n Roll by Cats In Space.
P. Sound of Silence by Disturbed.
So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, the 'boys' of BandAge!And now that you've been formally introduced, why not join them at their next'll be fun (the band's watchword), and they'd love to see you there!So watch this space for upcoming venues. A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


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May the rock gods bestow elixir upon you!